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jOWL is a jQuery plugin for navigating and visualising OWL-RDFS documents. The small Demo on this page loads the prototypical wine ontology (cfr. OWL language guide).

At the left a simple demo. The view is initialized on the Class Wine. Enter a search term in the input field at the bottom to find other entities (for example 'ice wine'), or use the navigation bar to navigate to parents or children. The settings can be changed to enable/disable advanced reasoning.

jOWL is tested on: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3, Opera 0.95, Safari (Webkit-Browsers).
Current Version: 1.0

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On Site Demo's

Reasoning over Individuals: Online Client-side Ontology Browsing: Advanced Visualisations RDfa related
  • The jOWL Documentation serves as a demo on it's own, OWL-DL syntax is embedded into the html file by means of RDFa, jOWL extracts an OWL-DL file and visualizes it.

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Documentation on this javascript library, visualised with jOWL.

Under Development, David Decraene.