jOWL Ubiquity Extension script

This page will allow you to add the natural language command 'view_ontology' to the Mozilla Ubiquity extension (Only for Firefox users). The Ubiquity script will allow you to browse OWL-DL files with jOWL, no matter where they are hosted. You need to install this amazing extension for this to work. Read more about it in this blog post. If you have the extension installed then you should see the following on top of the screen:
Ubiquity notification
When you accept you will get a big precautionary warning. I promise you my intentions are 100% pure, but only accept the script if you feel comfortable doing so.
When installed, go to any OWL-DL file on the web (some examples below) and enter the Ubiquity command 'view_ontology'. When hitting enter it should load up the ontology in a generic jOWL browser.

Tested Ontologies

Under Development, David Decraene.